Anshul means's a ray of the sun' and true to its name Anshul Specialty Molecules Private Limited. is beacon shining forth with the brilliance that can only come from the 'Sun'. This ray emerged in 1981 and has earmed its radiance in the expertise of photochlorination.

Anshul Specialty Molecules Private Limited. is promoted by the visionary Shroff Family, that has a chemical stronghold not only on Indian Shores but the world over. With more that five decades of chamical execellence 'EXCEL' Industries Ltd, the True Head of the group, with a single unifying mission to place India on the chemical map of the world' has tamed the most hazardous chemicals into matter-of-fact process.

Anshul Specialty Molecules Private Limited is carrying on the 'EXCEL' tradition of traming the hazardous processess to make specialty chemicals. These products support production of various bulk pharmaceuticals and pesticides in India and abroad. Our products are having wide range of applications from defence to perfumeryCorporate Key Facts of Anshul Specialty Molecules Private Limited.


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